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Essential reading for Wisconsin attorneys and judges.

Since 1986, the Wisconsin Law Journal has provided the latest in news and information lawyers and judges need to stay up-to-date. The Law Journal is committed to providing all the information you need to better your practice, including in-depth analyses of case decisions, comprehensive coverage of our state’s legal community, access to our verdict and settlement database, and updated judicial profiles.

Specific, practical, helpful – that’s the kind of vital information the Wisconsin Law Journal delivers and that’s why Law Journal is considered essential reading by practitioners throughout the state.

In addition, we host three statewide events — Leaders/Up and Coming Lawyers, Women in the Law, and Unsung Heroes — recognizing outstanding individuals in our legal community. For more information about our events, click here. Best of Wisconsin Law Journal is another statewide event that celebrates and recognizes the best in law. provides daily updates on the latest case decisions and also provides Wisconsin practitioners with a forum to discuss the practice of law in our commentary section. Our daily e-mail news alert service, WLJ Today, sends the day’s headlines and opinion digests directly to your inbox.


Best of Wisconsin Law Journal Contest Producers

Best of Wisconsin Law Journal is powered by Best of Programs, a product of NERUS Strategies, LLC. The NERUS Strategies LLC mission is to explore ideas that translate quickly to a profitable experience. From better ways to target and reach your market, to helping define Best Of events and special sections, to best practice pricing and marketing. NERUS Strategies LLC is a privately held corporation and is independent from Wisconsin Law Journal.


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