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Small But Mighty
Top Notch Representation

The legal team at Hogan Eickhoff understand the workings of criminal law and the criminal justice system and use that knowledge to help get clients the results they deserve.

Voted  Best
Criminal Defense Law Firm


Voted  Best
Law Firm

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(920) 450-9800
1775 Margaret St

Appleton, WI

That’s probably because the team of four attorneys who work there provide  top-notch representation for their clients, and routinely turn out the best results for them.

It is a tight-knit firm, founding partner Timothy E. Hogan along with Eric Eickhoff, said of the Appleton shop which serves Oshkosh and surrounding areas. “Our four attorneys routinely collaborate with each other and that sharing of expertise and opinions really lets them offer the best representation to their clients.”

But that’s not the only reason the firm is so successful.

Each team member is passionate about criminal defense, Hogan said, and the firm, because it only serves criminal-defense clients, lets them focus on that one specialized area of law. They’re not running in 50 different directions, worried about divorce  or real-estate cases, for instance.

Criminal defense is an area that can touch many peoples’ lives, and the four-attorney member team, which includes Michael Turner and Trisha Fritz as well as Hogan and Eickhoff, is dedicated to helping people fight criminal charges that threaten to disrupt their lives, possibly forever.

In addition to being held in high esteem by the working public, the attorneys at Hogan Eickhoff are well known and respected by local judges and prosecutors for being extremely well prepared and exceptionally dedicated to their clients.

The teams litigate cases through aggressive motion practice and trials, and they’ve earned a stellar reputation in the community for being foresighted and cautious, but every bit in the corner of their clients.

“We at Hogan Eickhoff believe that our clients are real people not numbers,” Hogan said. “And our attorneys treat people with the utmost respect they deserve. We believe that everyone has a right to a strong legal advocate, and we won’t rest until we have a clear idea of a person’s hopes and goals for their case.”

With a combined more than 20 years’ experience handling nothing but criminal-defense matters and a demonstrated knowledge of that branch of law, the Hogan Eickhoff attorneys can handle every type of criminal case imaginable, from ordinary traffic offenses to misdemeanors to felonies as serious as sexual assault cases, drug delivery, domestic abuse and even homicide cases as well.

“When it comes to criminal-defense law, Hogan Eickhoff is among the best but while our attorneys take on larger-firm-like cases, we do not have larger-firm-like pricing. We will not be intimidated. We fight for our clients who are in trouble with the law.”

Additionally, the four attorneys at Hogan Eickhoff are also heavily involved in their communities and volunteer their time regularly to helping them thrive.

For instance, Fritz is a licensed foster parent in the area and a member of the Opiate/Heroin Treatment Court of Brown County, and Turner is involved with the programs at his church, St. Joseph’s. Several of the team also enjoy sports such as watching the Packers, Badgers, Bucks and Brewers.

The Hogan Eickhoff law firm offers free consultations and invites anyone interested in learning how the team understands the finer workings of criminal law and the criminal justice system, to call it today.


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